OSC Project Self-Assessment

One of the benefits of participating in the DIAL Open Source Center is to bring a higher level of maturity and impact to your T4D open source project. This self-assessment is designed to start your thinking process about what you may be doing well currently, and potential areas to focus on.

Participation in the OSC can help you with some or all of these areas! You need not feel guilty about not having some or many areas “under control”. And some may not be relevant to your project.

Once you’ve gone through this self-assessment exercise with your fellow project maintainers (if any), your next step is to prepare for the OSC Membership Proposal process.

Potential needs & services

For each of the items below, mark whether your project currently has effort ongoing, if you want to do so, or if you don’t think that item is necessary for your project.

  Have Want Don’t Need
Product strategy      
Product vision/roadmap      
Product Management/Customer Engagement      
Product Coordination with T4D Community      
Architecture/High-level Design      
Agile/Process Management      
Contributor/backlog management      
Software development      
Advisory board operation      
Marketing program organization      
Volunteer matchmaking/management      
Conflict arbitration      
Community outreach      
Community policy consultation      
Incubation process management      
External communications      
Corporate compliance      
Financial Services      
Business development