Product Maturity Rubrics

There are many different metrics that can be used to evaluate a product and various sources of information about a metrics such as sustainability, scalability, sustainability, as well as adherence to the Digital Principles

The Digital Impact Exchange has maturity data for selected products based on data aggregated from GitHub repositories. These automated metrics can provide data about how many contributors a project have, how often they update the codebase, and whether they have a valid LICENSE. In addition, The Exchange aggregates data from Digital Square for their list of Global Goods. The maturity scores are not an endorsement of any product, but a reflection of how other organizations have assessed these tools.

For more information about the metrics that we use, please visit the Product Evaluation Indicators page in our Wiki.

If there is maturity information available about a specfic product, it will be shown on that product’s page. Maturity information is broken down by categories, with individual indicators for each category. These categories can be weighted and all of the indicator scores are combined with the weightings to create an overall maturity score for a product.

Creating a Maturity Rubric

DIAL has created a maturity rubric based on data collected from GitHub (where available) as well as Digital Square.

Administrative users can create or modify this rubric. Within the rubric, an admin can create/update/remove categories. For each category, indicators can be added and removed. The weightings for each indicator in a category can be set (must total 100%). And the weightings for each category in a rubric can be set (must total 100%).