This catalog contains an extensive list of digital goods that are designed to achieve the SDGs. These products are all open-source and can be freely used. The list of candidate products in the catalog are sourced from several organizations, including DIAL’s Open source center, Digital Square, and Unicef.

The products listing page shows many different attributes of the product. Information on how to read these product cards can be found here. Clicking on the card will load a page with detailed information about the product.

Each product page in the catalog provides a description of the product, a link to the source code repository, data on the maturity of the product, which SDGs the product is designed to address, any building blocks that this product may meet the criteria for. If applicable, it will also show any other products that this product interoperates with.

Products can also

For select products in the catalog, it is possible to automatically launch an instance of that product for evaluation purposes. For more information, see the product launcher page.

Visit the Filters page to see how the filters can be used to create powerful searches that connect SDGs to Use Cases, Workflows, Building Blocks, and Products.