Using the filtersΒΆ

The online catalog offers powerful filtering capabilities that allow the user to see how SDGs, Use Cases, Workflows, Building Blocks and Products are connected. The filter also allows users to

The filter is on the left side of the screen:


The following diagrams provide information on how to use the filters and what the various icons mean in the filter section. In the case of Products, there are many ways that they can be filtered. The user can see which products have maturity assessments, which ones can be automatically launched, and what the source of the product data is (DIAL Open Source Center, Digital Square, or Unicef)


When filters are selected by the user, the list of SDGs, Use Cases, Workflows, Building Blocks and Products will be limited to those that meet the criteria set in the filter. The top navigation bar will show the number of items that meet those criteria:


At the top of the screen, the user will also see a detailed list of all of the filters that have been set. The user can remove filters here, as well as in the main filtering section.